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Mehri Rezaee's Resilient Flight from Taliban

In the tumultuous landscape of Afghanistan, where the echoes of conflict and change resonate with its history, Mehri Rezaee’s story stands as a testament to the resilience and the indomitable spirit of survival.
As a legal adviser to the vice president on human rights and women’s issues, Mehri’s life took a dramatic turn when the Taliban seized control of Kabul in 2021. This is a narrative of her harrowing escape, her challenges, and the remarkable journey that led her from the heart of turmoil to the shores of opportunity in the United States.

The Day Kabul Fell

On that fateful morning of August 15, 2021, Mehri Rezaee, a legal adviser at the presidential palace, witnessed the palpable transformation of Kabul as the Taliban approached.
The chaos ensued, and in the midst of colleagues deleting files and shredding documents, Mehri made a swift decision to leave. The narrative vividly paints the scene of a city in panic, with the streets filled with people desperately seeking refuge.

The Perilous Journey to Freedom

Mehri’s escape took her to the chaotic scene at the Hamid Karzai airport, where the struggle for a way out was marked by danger and tragedy. In an article where her story was featured, the tension, fear, and heartbreak as Mehri navigated through Taliban checkpoints and faced the grim reality of a suicide bombing that occurred shortly after her departure was encapsulated.

From Kabul to Germany: A Journey of Desperation and Hope

As Mehri sought refuge, her journey extended to the Iranian border, where ingenious strategies were employed to overcome the Taliban’s restrictions on single women traveling alone.
The emotional farewells to her family and the subsequent challenges in a German refugee camp are detailed, offering a glimpse into the mental and emotional toll of displacement.

A Scholar's Resilience: Building a New Life

Amidst the bleakness of her situation, Mehri’s story takes a turn when an offer of asylum in Germany opens a path to the United States. The narrative then explores her arrival in Oklahoma, where she embarks on a new chapter as a visiting scholar at the University of Oklahoma. The challenges of adapting to a new culture, grappling with loneliness, and the haunting visa uncertainties are laid bare.

Advocacy and Challenges: Mehri's Impact on Afghan Refugees

The article delves into Mehri Rezaee’s current endeavors, including her research and advocacy work. It explores her critical examination of Western governments’ promises versus their actions in the context of the 2018 Global Compact on Refugees. Mehri’s commitment to holding governments accountable for their commitments and the challenges she faces as a temporary resident in the U.S. is discussed.


Mehri Rezaee’s journey is a poignant reminder of the resilience embedded in the human spirit. From the war-torn landscapes of Afghanistan to the halls of academia in Oklahoma, her story echoes the broader challenges faced by Afghan refugees worldwide. As Mehri continues her fight for justice and a stable future, her narrative serves as an inspiration for all those who strive to rebuild their lives against seemingly insurmountable odds.

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