Wildfires burned out of control throughout the island of Maui.


As you may know, on Tuesday, August 8th, wildfires burned out of control throughout the island of Maui. The worst of the fires was on the west side, and most of the historic Lahaina town was burned. First responders report 99 casualties, expected to rise as only 25% of the area has been searched. Over 2,200 businesses and homes have been lost to the fire. Thousands remain in shelters or displaced, without power, cell service, or access to food and supplies.

This will be the deadliest disaster in Hawaii’s history and one of the deadliest US wildfires in the past five years. Complicating recovery efforts are the logistics of the island and limited access. The focus remains on getting residents and visitors to safety.

MFF has been following these events closely and has chosen to support the Legacy of Aloha Foundation. This organization was started and is run by a local family that has a vested stake in rebuilding Hawaii with their family living and operating local restaurants on the island for generations. More info about rebuilding efforts and the Legacy of Aloha Foundation can be found at the link below.

Legacy of Aloha Foundation

TS Restaurants is currently accepting donations through its Legacy of Aloha Foundation. This tax-exempt 501©(3) organization aims to provide grants to Maui employees who have lost their homes or have been displaced. All funds raised will support the Maui community, with any excess funds being donated to accredited nonprofits working tirelessly on the ground in Maui. To learn more about the Legacy of Aloha Foundation, please visit

Thank you for your generosity.

Bernadette Thies

Executive Director
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